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✳Eight-Spoked Asterisk

✳ Emoji Meaning

Title Eight-Spoked Asterisk
Category Symbols
Subcategory Other Symbol
Tags asterisk
Used since 1995

✳ Code

Unicode U+2733
HTML Code Decimal &#10035;
HTML Code Hexa &#x2733;
URL Escape Code %E2%9C%B3

✳ Scripting language code

PHP 7 \u{2733}
JavaScript \u2733
JSON \u2733
CSS \02733
Java \u2733
C, C++ \u2733
Python \u2733
Perl \x{2733}
Ruby \u{2733}

How to get emoji:
Just press the Copy button and then go and paste the ✳ Eight-Spoked Asterisk emoji into your Facebook post or Messenger message, email, or where you may need to use it.

Eight-Spoked Asterisk as emoji was first used in 1995 and belongs to the category Symbols - Other Symbol. Also in the above tables you will find ✳ meaning, ✳ code HTML or some of the codes used in programming languages as string data to display ✳ emoji.
Note: The emoji images may be different on each platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Windows or Android version , for example the new Android Oreo’s has all-new emoji pictures so when you copy and use it, the character may look different on each platform.